When your Nissan needs a little maintenance or has been damaged, there are two general locations where you can get your vehicle worked on: your local, generic auto shop, or your specialized dealership service department.

When you look at the initial cost, you might think that the generic shop is better, but that lower cost means a number of sacrifices. First, since a generic mechanic has to service all sorts of vehicles each day, his knowledge on how to fix vehicles is, by necessity, generic. In addition, the general mechanic will more than likely use inexpensive, one-part-fits-all replacement parts, which, while cheaper, are more likely to break down and don't work as well with your vehicle.

However, when you take your Nissan to the dealership, your car will be handled by a specialized mechanic, who has been trained to handle your specific vehicle, while also using OEM parts designed to work with your vehicle. In addition, you will also be creating a vehicle service history, so that any time your car is back to the dealership in the future, the mechanic will know everything that has happened to it. That way, the mechanic can tailor the repair to your vehicle's particular needs. Finally, if your repair means that you need to leave your vehicle with the dealership overnight, Nissan 112 has an extensive rental and courtesy vehicle fleet so your repair won't leave you stranded.

If your vehicle needs maintenance or repairs, then come visit us today at Nissan 112. The phone number to our service department is (631) 289-9010.

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