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What to Do if You See a Clown

What to do if you see a clownCreepy clowns have become somewhat of a terrifying joke that’s spread across the east coast and into the Midwest. The problem is that the joke isn’t nearly as harmless as it may seem. Just recently, a man dressed as a clown in Fort Wayne, Indiana was shot and many are blaming the paranoia and fear spread by reports. Do you know what to do if you see a clown? Safety is no joke and the police are spread thin so here are a few tips from us here at Nissan 112 to prevent any harm from coming to you.

  • Stay Away – It doesn’t matter if you’re armed or not. Many of these clowns are actually quite frightening and their appearance could distract you from a hidden weapon. A clown armed with a machete tried to lure a woman into the woods in North Carolina. If you see a clown, walk – or run – away.
  • Call 911 – These clowns are no laughing matter and present a significant threat to communities across the United States. Call the proper authorities and alert them to the situation. They’ll take it from there. There are seven clown-wearing people in Alabama charged with felonies for making terrorist threats. Let the justice system take care of the problem.
  • Stay Alert – Reports of clowns driving through areas scaring kids are becoming more common. If a vehicle appears to be following you, call the police and try to walk into an area where they can’t follow you. Take note of the vehicle, number of passengers, and license plate number.

What to Do if You See a Clown - Nissan 112

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